PEARL DRUMS – SFS10C750 10 x 4.5 Short Fuse in color #750 Brushed Pewter

Pearl’s Short Fuse snare drum is a snappy addition to any drum or percussion kit. 6-plies of poplar and a 4.5-inch depth give you a high-pitched pop and crack that cuts through any mix; adding that little something extra. Bracket & mount included..

The Short Fuse auxiliary snare is the perfect compliment to your expanding sonic signature. Its tight, cracking tone is perfect for side-snare play and punctuated accents. Placement around the kit is a breeze thanks to its compact 10″x4.5″ size and included tilting clamp mount.

Features 9-ply poplar shell, single-point dual lugs, and quick release snare strainer for dry, timbale-like punch. One strike and you’ll know, it doesn’t take much to make the Short Fuse explode!

Perfect for side-snare play and punctuated accents. Single-point Dual Lugs. Simple turret-style lug attaches to the shell with a single screw for better shell tone and resonance.

Short Fuse 10″x4.5″ Snare Multi-Angle Attachment Clamp Included. Attaches to any cymbal or tom stand and offers secure, dual-axis positioning. Clamshell Mount: Securely mounts the Short Fuse, accepting any 3/8″ L-Arm/Cowbell mount


  • MODEL: SFS10C750
  • SIZE: 10 x 4.5
  • SHELL: 6-ply Poplar
  • HOOPS: 1.6mm Steel
  • LUGS: MSFL35
  • RODS: 12

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