Power Tube Reactor Effects Pedal

  • KORG – TRS – Power Tube Reactor Effects Pedal

Capture the feel of a vacuum tube guitar amp with Nutube!
Deliver the responsiveness, the feel, of a vacuum tube guitar amp.

The TR-S is an effects unit that features a Nutube, to deliver the responsiveness, the feel, of a vacuum tube guitar amp. With our new technology (patent pending) that makes use of the Nutube, you can achieve unheard-of compression effects, similar to a tube powered amp even when recording or using a transistor amp.

Besides great tone, one of the advantages of the Nu:Tekt series is that you assemble them yourself. The TR-S kit doesn’t require soldering, and the necessary tools for assembly are included. This makes the TR-S the easiest and fastest unit to assemble in the entire current Nu:tekt series. With the TR-S, you can enjoy building the kit as a DIY project, and the result is a great sounding compression pedal that gives you the sound and feeling of a vacuum tube amp.

    Recreate the behavior and sag of a vacuum tube power amp with the Nutube

    This unit features a patent-pending circuit design that drives the compression for the vacuum tube itself, only possible with the Nutube. Use the Nutube to recreate sag (the compression feeling), a behavior of vacuum tube power amps that can be used in a variety of situations such as when you’re playing through a transistor amp or recording on a desktop music setup. The TR-S includes three trimmer knobs inside the top cover of the housing, in addition to the four knobs on the panel, which brings you even closer to the sound you want. The TR-S also achieves a natural-sounding compression effect with other instruments besides guitar.

    Can be assembled easily and quickly!

    Can be assembled easily in the same way as a plastic model kit, with no soldering required. All necessary tools are included. A circuit diagram is provided in the included Owner’s Manual. The Nutube driven TR-S is ideal for you if you love self-assembled effects units with incredible performance and sound quality and will help you create your own distinct sound.


    • Vacuum Tubes: Nutube.6P1
    • Connecting terminals: INPUT terminal (monaural phone jack), OUTPUT terminal(monaural phone jack), DC.9V terminal adapter (sold separately)
    • Power: 9V alkaline batteries (6LF22/6LR61) or DC.9V AC adapter (Both sold separately)
    • Battery Lifetime: Approx. 5 hrs. (When using alkaline batteries)
    • Power Consumption: 85mA
    • External dimensions: (W x D x H)122×96×55mmWeight340g (Battery not included)
    • Accessories: Owner’s manual, Tool&Pick
    • Option: AC adapter (DC.9V)