16 In/Out Audio Interface

  • AUDIOFUSE16RIG – 16 In/Out Audio Interface

Ultimate studio centerpiece: Studio full of synths? Full band recordings? Complex monitoring & routing needs? AudioFuse 16Rig gives you the next-level connectivity, versatility, and usability you need for your pro audio applications. Make your sound count. 16 is just the beginning: Treat your setup to an interface that gives you all the connections you need. An entire setup can be kept connected to the rear I/O, leaving the front panel connections available for additional mics, instruments, or devices, while the inputs & outputs can be expanded with ADAT and rerouted as needed.

Pristine sound quality: Give your recordings the shine and clarity they deserve with premium 24-bit AD/DA converters from ESS and Cirrus Logic. Whether it’s synths, guitars, vocals, or any combination of inputs, expect top-notch sound across the board. A standalone audio tool: For DAWless jamming or live performances, AudioFuse 16Rig just works.

The interface can pass audio and MIDI signals even without a computer connected, with a low-latency MIDI-controllable internal mixer. You can even save configuration presets for easy stitching between setups. Comprehensive audio routing and special features: Configure AudioFuse 16Rig’s connections to suit nearly any need, including multiple sends/returns for creative recording and mixing, A/B speaker switching for confident mixing, guitar re-amping, multiple headphone outputs for ensemble recording, and more. Choose your workflow: Make AudioFuse 16Rig work for you; control its settings through the front panel controls or via the included AudioFuse Control Center software, configure the interface for desktop or rackmount operation, integrate it with practically any studio environment, and instantly switch between different audio scenarios with ease.

Studio full of synths?
Ensemble recording?


Explore a handful of scenarios where AudioFuse 16Rig won’t simply excel at getting the job done – it’ll make your creative life easier.

    Hooking up a synth rig


    Mono and stereo, analog and digital, keyboard and desktop – united.

    For the synth lovers, analog enthusiasts, hands-on beat makers and beyond, AudioFuse 16Rig is purpose-built to handle hardware – and lots of it. Connect up to 16 mono inputs out of the box, configure stereo channels for maximum polysynth width, hook it up to ADAT-compatible expanders, And even send CV signals to your modular setup from its DC-coupled outputs.

    Different monitor mixes

    Not everyone wants to hear the same thing during a session or performance.

    AudioFuse 16Rig’s Cue Mixer lets you create an entirely separate mix, with different channels, levels, and panning, that can be sent to a separate headphone or speaker output. Great for recording drums with guide tracks, keeping lead & backing vocals in harmony, or creating sub-mixes for on-the-fly processing.



    Connections ready for any session

    The perfect balance between your always-connected gear and unexpected additions.

    Some things never change, but every session can bring something different so it helps to be ready. Keep your staple instruments and devices connected to AudioFuse 16Rig’s rear I/Os, while still having plenty of options at the front for when someone brings a different guitar, their own mic, a tape recorder, or a new sample recorded on their phone.



    Multiple effects chains

    Customize every intersection between your inputs and your effects.

    Map out multiple send-return chains in visual detail and create custom effects chains with the help of AudioFuse Control Center’s matrix. You might want reverb and compression on your vocals, distortion and chorus on your synths, and a dubby sprinkling of Delay TAPE-201 on your drum bus – no sweat.



    A smarter interface

    Enjoy an easier recording and production workflow with an interface that opens up new creative pathways; AudioFuse 16Rig is designed to proactively overcome any hurdles before you’ve even encountered them.

    Save configurations for instant recall

    Different song, different mix, same connections? Save your settings as a preset so you can quickly recall or switch between them; great for saving time in sessions or giving you instant flexibility for live performance.

    Control your modular

    Create a bridge between the flexibility of your DAW and the tactility of your synth hardware with CV control. Using the right software, you can send control voltages from AudioFuse 16Rig’s DC-coupled outputs to compatible gear like Eurorack modules or CV-ready desktop synths for sequencing, modulating, and composing.

    Reamping & high-impedance headphones

    Send your dry guitar stems straight to external effects or amps without needing a DI box thanks to front panel outputs with true analog zero-latency passthrough. Not only can these outputs (3-4) send line or instrument level signals; you can also configure them to connect high-impedance headphones for that extra boost when needed.



    All the USB connections you’ll need

    Computer connections can come at a premium; AudioFuse 16Rig’s 3 USB hub slots are primed for connecting bus-powered MIDI controllers, external drives or USB sticks, and USB MIDI devices using class-compliant connectivity – so you’ll never have to worry.


    Let’s talk about MIDI

    Make MIDI play an even bigger role in your setup.


    Go DAWless and operate AudioFuse 16Rig’s two internal mixers totally standalone, no computer connection needed.


    • Dual internal mixers

    Go DAWless and operate AudioFuse 16Rig’s two internal mixers totally standalone, no computer connection needed.

    • Display

    See how your mix is behaving in real-time with AudioFuse 16Rig’s full-color display, showing levels, channels, vital settings, and more.

    • Quick-access controls

    Essential info, settings, and visual feedback on your project is only ever a click away with accessible buttons next to the display.

    • MIDI controllable

    Tweak and automate certain settings in your mix and play AudioFuse 16Rig like an instrument with CC assignments that can be controlled by MIDI gear.

    A perfect control center (AFCC)

    Beneath the intuitive, hands-on control on the surface of AudioFuse lies the power and versatility of a pro studio.

    AudioFuse allows you to keep on top of your projects, so you can feel confident no matter what musical scenario comes your way.

    As the next-generation audio interface, AudioFuse lets you access a large number of fundamental features directly from its top panel. Once it’s connected to a computer, AudioFuse transforms into a full-featured mixing console.

    AudioFuse Control Center controls the mixer, selection of inputs, routing, monitoring, and additional functions such as sampling rate, Clock Source, Pad, Cue, and more. Another useful touch is that AudioFuse will remember the latest AFCC settings for standalone use until the next time you connect and change them.




    No matter what spec you look at, you’ll find uncompromising quality at every point.

    We present actual real-world performance measurements (in compliance with AES17 standards) rather than the misleading chipset performance that companies sometimes publish. Measurements were performed on a high-end Audio Precision APX555 testing instrument. Measurements are of analog input path, taken at insert point.

    Line Inputs

    • Input impedance: 20kΩ (symmetric), 10kΩ (asymmetric)
    • Maximum input level Rear: +24dBu, Front +22dBu
    • Pad mode Rear: -12dB, Front: -10dB
    • Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz +/-0.06dB typical
    • Dynamic range 118dB (A-weighted)
    • THD+N @ 1kHz -113dB (A-weighted)

    Line Outputs (DC coupled)

    • Output impedance: 240Ω balanced, 120Ω unbalanced
    • Maximum output level +24dBu
    • Frequency response 20-20kHz +/-0.04dB
    • Dynamic range 120dB (A-weighted)
    • THD+N @ 1kHz -106dB (A-weighted)
    • DC voltage amplitude +/-8.7V (asymmetrical)

    Speakers Outputs

    • Output impedance: 240Ω balanced, 120Ω unbalanced
    • Maximum output level +20dBu
    • Frequency response 20-20kHz +/-0.02dB
    • Dynamic range 126dB (A-weighted)
    • THD+N @ 1kHz -114dB (A-weighted)

    Instrument Input

    • Input impedance: 1.1MΩ asymmetric
    • Maximum input level: +20dBu
    • Gain range: 55dB
    • Pad mode: -10dB
    • Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz: +/-0.1dB typical
    • Dynamic range 114dB (A-weighted)
    • THD+N @ 1kHz -105dB (A-weighted)

    Microphone Preamps

    • Input impedance: 2,7kΩ
    • Maximum input level: +22dBu
    • Gain range: 55dB
    • Pad mode: -20dB
    • Equivalent Input Noise (EIN): -129.5dBu (A-weighted)
    • Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz: +/-0.08dB
    • Dynamic range: 117dB (A-weighted)
    • THD+N @ 1kHz -110dB (A-weighted)


    • Output impedance: 5Ω
    • Maximum output level: +14.4dBu
    • Dynamic range: 109dB (A-weighted)
    • Power @ 33ohm @1%THD 271mW @-78dB THD
    • THD+N @ 1kHz -103dB (A-Weighted)

      Main Features

      16 x TRS analog inputs
      Includes 2 x high-quality digitally-controlled preamps
      Inputs 3 & 4 also available as 3.5mm stereo input

      Two internal standalone mixers
      No computer connection needed
      Cue mixer for sub-mixing and added flexibility
      Main mixer controllable by MIDI

      12 x analog outputs
      Includes 8 x DC-coupled TRS line outputs
      Stereo monitor outputs
      6.35mm front-panel outputs for reamping, dual-headphones

      Color display with rotary control & menu buttons
      Desktop or 1U rackmount configuration
      Includes AudioFuse Control Center

      2 x ADAT in, 2 x ADAT out
      Up to 16 channels of I/O at 48kHz, 8 channels at 88.2/96kHz

      Includes AudioFuse Creative Suite
      Analog Lab Intro
      Comp DIODE-609* NEW
      Pre 1973
      Pre V76
      Pre TridA
      Filter MINI
      Chorus JUN-6
      Comp FET-76
      Delay TAPE-201
      Rev PLATE-140
      Phaser BI-TRON

      Wordclock in & out
      1 x MIDI in, 2 x MIDI out/thru
      5-pin DIN connectors
      Route MIDI standalone

      Low-latency USB-C connection
      Class-compliant MIDI
      3 x USB hub connections

      What’s in the box
      Box content
      AudioFuse 16Rig unit
      Power supply
      2x USB cable

      Instrument dimensions
      size : 17.3 x 11.6 x 1.7 inches (493 x 294 x 43mm)

      Platform requirements
      Win 10+ PC: 4 GB RAM; Intel i5 CPU or faster
      1GB free hard disk space
      OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU

      10.13+: 4 GB RAM; Intel i5 CPU or Apple Silicon CPU
      1GB free hard disk space
      OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU